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The Heartbeat!

November 19th, 2008 Nell Turgeon No comments

So, we went to the doctors on Friday to hear the heartbeat. Only Baby Turgeon wasn’t very cooperative lol. So after the doctor tried to find it for about ten minutes, we got to have an ultrasound instead. It was pretty cool. Though we didn’t hear the heartbeat, we saw it. Also saw five little fingers. And boy that baby was doing somersaults and rolling all over the place. I’m definitely feeling a whole lot better, and my appitite is back so thats good. I had actually lost four pounds between my first visit and this past one. Doctor said that’s normal, and as long as I’m on the upswing and eating more, that’s good.

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Heading for trimester 2 =)

November 11th, 2008 Nell Turgeon No comments

So I’m now 12 weeks 3 days, and in week 13. On Monday I will officially be going into my second trimester. Tomorrow morning we have a doctor’s appointment and we get to hear Baby Turgeon’s (who is now about 3 inches long and the size of a peach) heartbeat. I’m definitely starting to feel better now. Starting to have a little bit more energy now, and haven’t really felt sick in about a week and a half. I’m hoping that part is done with. I still fit into most of my pants, but some are getting pretty tight. Still, you can’t really tell that I’m getting bigger unless you’re looking for it. Time to go finish laundry and straighten the house. =)

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Middle of week 12

November 5th, 2008 Nell Turgeon No comments

So, I’ve been getting complaints about not keeping up with writing here =). Been a little busy as of late. Today I am 11weeks 2days. We had a doctor’s appointment on Monday, it was an OB teaching visit. Basically just went over Matt’s and my family medical history…pretty boring there, which is a good thing. We have another appointment on the 14th of this month. At that appointment we get to hear the heartbeat, which will be exciting. I can tell that I’m getting slightly bigger, but not enough that it’s noticeable. The doctor said that women who are my frame type and in their first pregnancy usually show later because the firmer abdomen holds everything in a little longer. I’ll probably start showing more noticeably withing the next 2 weeks or so. Time to go fold laundry and do the dishes. =) Oh yea, and Baby Turgeon is now the size of a large plum.

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