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movement! (and the deer)

I know it’s been a while since I wrote here, but things have been rather busy…especially with Christmas coming up and getting ready to go to NY for 2 weeks! We had our Dr.’s appointment last Friday and finally got to hear the heartbeat! It sounded like a galloping horse, but it was way cool! I finally had to give in and let Matt get me some maternity clothes, so now I don’t have to wear my sweats all the time. I felt the baby move yesterday, and again today =).
Oh yea, and this has nothing to do with the baby, but on Friday evening…we picked up a friend of ours 11yr old daughter so she could go Christmas shopping for her mom and step-dad. We were only in the car like 10 minutes, and a deer ran across the road and right in to our car! Killed the deer instantly, and Steve came with his truck to bring the deer to Matt’s parents house. And now we have deer in the freezer. Our car has $1500 worth of damage, thankfully covered under our insurance. Our friend’s daughter thought it was a fun experience, she even made up a song…pretty funny.
Well, it’s snowing here as I type this…so it seems appropriate that I go and finish wrapping Christmas presents.

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