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We had our Dr.’s appointment on March 2nd and it went well, except little Faith didn’t want to cooperate about having her picture taken =). She was moving around a lot, but didn’t want to roll over to give the Dr. a good picture of her heart. However, our Pediatric Cardiologist did say that from what he could see everything looked the same. He said the coarctation didn’t look quite as pronounced as it did last time, but you really can’t tell what it’s actually going to be like until she’s born and has an echocardiogram. Matt and I actually ended up going down to Portland the night before our appointment so we wouldn’t have to drive in the snowstorm and that worked out nicely.

In other news, I think most of you knew that Matt’s mom has been going through a lot lately since last month she found out she had uterin cancer. Well, she had her surgery this past Wednesday and everything went very well. The doctors said that when they removed her uterus, they removed all of the cancer. It hadn’t spread anywhere else, so once she recovers from the surgery she’ll be all set.

We’re still waiting to hear back as to whether or not Matt got this job. It’s looking promising, but they’re taking their time making a final decision because they’re appearantly moving some associates around at the moment. So hopefully, the dust will settle from that and they will call and officially offer Matt the position. If he doesn’t get this one, we still have time for him to keep looking and find another one because he has 3 months of paid paternity leave once Faith is born (which both of us are very excited about!). We’re hoping to hear something soon so we know what we’re doing, right now we’re kind of in the air and don’t know which side we’re coming down on. We’re both trying to be patient though =).

We just got back from NY last night, it’s been a rediculously crazy week. We went down for my grandfather’s memorial service, which was very nice and everybody (especially my dad) did a very good job. Now, I need to get up some motivation to unpack and put stuff away…plus give the dog a bath because she really needs one.

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