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7 weeks and 2 days down

So, it has been just over 7 weeks since faith was born. It is still amazing to me to think that God has entrusted us with her. Nell and I are so much happier having her home.

The last few weeks have been jammed packed with appointments. Thankfully everything is still about the same as it was when we left the hospital 5 weeks ago. Right now, we have started physical therapy and visits with a nutritionist. The physical therapy is to help Faith gain some more muscle tone to deal with the Down Syndrome. The nutritionist is working with us to help Faith gain some more weight. It is very difficult for Faith to gain weight because of her heart condition. We are getting there though.

Other than the weight gain, nothing health wise has changed. Faith has changed so much though. She is awake a lot more. They are surprised how awake she is because of the heart condition. She also likes to be held, ALL THE TIME. It makes it a little difficult to get things done because she will fall asleep in your arms, and then as soon as you put her down, she starts crying. Good times.

We appreciate everyone’s continued prayers. We all have faith that God can still work miracles.

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