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Where to begin

So, it’s been a few weeks since I updated in here…but things are going pretty well. I’m feeling really good, and Faith has been moving a lot. Despite the fact that no matter what time I go to bed I seem to wake up no later than 6..sometimes 5..I still do pretty good through most of the day. Although, it catches up with me around dinner time. So I try to get done whatever is on my list for the day before 4pm, and then rest for the remainder of the evening.

We have our next doctor’s appointment on March 2nd in Portland. We’re excited to see Faith again and how much she’s grown in this next ultra sound. We’ll also get some more information about what will be happening as delivery gets closer. Only about 12 and a half weeks left before D-day =). Can’t believe it.

We are also thinking about moving to NY. Basically, we have a bigger support system in NY between friends, church and family. While there are other reasons, the biggest is the support. We’ve actually been talking about moving to NY for a while, but weren’t really planning on it for at least a couple years. However, when we found out that Faith was going to need some special care, we decided (after much prayer, thought and discussion) that now is the right time to move to NY. So, Matt is looking for a position within Bank of America to transfer to in NY. Don’t really know when everything is going to be happening yet, but we’re looking at the end of the summer at the latest, and the beginning of April at the soonest. Definitely keep us in your prayers. We have a lot to be thinking about and doing to prepare for the move.

I wasn’t looking forward to telling our landlady that we’re moving out before our lease is up. Not because I thought she’d give us a hard time, but because I feel bad about it since she’s been really good to us. However, I just spoke with her yesterday and explained the abbreviated version of the situation and she is fine with it. She completely understands and said that we’ve been great tenants and she’s not worried about it. I told her we’d keep her in the loop so she’ll know as soon as we know something for sure. So that was a sigh of relief.

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