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better late than never

November 5th, 2009 Nell Turgeon No comments

I know it has been a while since the last time Nell or I updated our blog. It has been crazy for the both of us. Faith keeps Nell busy all day. Her medicine and eating schedule is enough to wear anyone out. Every six hours she has to receive some type of medication. She has also found it to be more fun to take a nap while she is supposed to be eating. This has forced Nell to cycle between food and medicine from 5 in the morning until 11 at night. The only real break she gets is the six hours between her 11pm and 5am doses. Even though this can be extremely exhausting, neither of us would trade it. We are so happy that she is home.

We have made some progress over the last three weeks too. Since coming home, we have been able to take her off the oxygen during the day. Nell appreciates this the most. She’s not tied to the living room all day. Faith has also resumed physical therapy. Since she started back up a couple weeks ago, she has made significant progress. It’s amazing how quickly she is making up the ground she lost while in the hospital.

We continue to thank God for healing her. It has been a miracle that Faith has come this far. When we visited the doctors last week for a follow up, they were all amazed at her progress. Her lungs have continued to heal and her heart is still looking good. We have appreciated everyone’s prayers for our little girl. It has had a tremendous impact on our whole family.

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