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finally home!

June 5th, 2009 Nell Turgeon No comments

After 2 long weeks driving back and forth from the hospital, we are finally all home together! We spent Wednesday night at the hospital rooming in with Faith to make sure we were comfortable with the monitor and O2 she would be coming home with. Yesterday, we all came home from the hospital together. Faith is doing very well, and we’re getting used to managing her monitor and O2 at home. I think being around it so much at the hospital helped with the transition home. We had a good night last night, Faith ate well and everybody got a good night sleep. We have a quite a few doctor’s appointments lined up through this month, so we’ll stay busy.
The nurses in the NICU were great! They took such good care of our little Faith, and they all loved her. It made Faith’s stay at the hospital a little less stressful…plus Matt kept them all in line lol. It was nice to have nurses who put up with Matt’s sense of humor…kept the mood and atmosphere more upbeat.

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a family at last

June 3rd, 2009 Nell Turgeon No comments

For the last two weeks, we have had to leave Faith at the hospital as we go home to get some sleep. Today we finally get the opportunity to spend the night with her. It feels like the first night we are a real family. It’s an awesome feeling. I am so excited for this to be a regular thing.

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finally a break!!! it only took 12 days ;)

June 1st, 2009 Nell Turgeon No comments

Today we received our first glimmer of hope. Until now, there was no foreseeable end in sight. We had no plan in place and we didn’t know what we were really working towards. Today, that finally changed. The cardiologist did an echocardiogram for the first time in a week. The Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) is still open, but it is slightly more closed than it was for the last echo. The good news is that the cardiologist does not see the coarctation as life threatening. He feels that this can be monitored from home. If she does come home, she is still going to need oxygen, and she needs to get rid of the feeding tube. All of the nurses are working towards this. It is finally a break that we have been looking for and something to work towards. We are praying now that she will be able to come home by the end of this week. As of now, things are looking good.

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