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What a month! *sigh*

April 17th, 2009 Nell Turgeon No comments

I know I know…it has been way too long since I’ve updated in here. Things have been way crazy! As Matt shared earlier, he got the job at the branch! That was wonderful news, but then the chaos began. We began to pack our apartment to get ready for the move to NY. We managed to get everything done in time to leave on Thursday morning April 9th like we were planning. Matt’s dad (Gary) was so nice as to drive the truck with all our stuff so Matt and I could ride together in the car and I wouldn’t have to drive =). Matt’s mom (Rosemary) was going to ride in the truck with Gary but had a Dr.’s appointment she couldn’t miss. We were just crossing the Massachusetts border when the brake and battery lights came on in our car! Of course! So we pulled into the MA visitors center and popped the hood to see what was wrong. While Matt and Gary were looking at the car (and finding out that our serpentine? belt had completely snapped) I got a call from Rosemary that her appointment wasn’t until the following week. So she was going to come with her car…and come to our rescue! Thankfully, we have AAA and they came and brought our car to the garage in the area. We waited for Rosemary to catch up with us (about 3 hrs) and then continued on our way. We unloaded the truck the next morning, then Gary and Rosemary dropped Matt off to pick up our now fixed car at the garage in MA on their way back to Maine. So needless to say, there’s never a dull moment for us!
We’re just about settled in now. Most everything that we needed to unpack and put away is done. It is a little weird, but kind of nice at the same time, moving back in to my parents house. Hopefully we can start focusing on figuring out our house project now. We’re hoping to build a passive solar house, we just need to start the process rolling and hopefully get a lot done this summer.
Matt is finishing up his first week at his new job. It’s been really nice because he is home every day in time for dinner. No more of these 8am-9or10pm days! Yay! More time for family and fun =). He likes it, although he’s mostly been in front of the computer doing his training classes for the job. We both can’t wait for his paternity leave! I still can’t believe they give him 3 months off for that…but I’m definitely not complaining!!
I had my first Dr.’s appointment with the OB here. My OB in Maine actually recommended him as they were old army buddies…funny how God works =)…and he was very nice. Not really sure anymore if they’re going to induce me or not. The OB said a lot of that is up to the pediatric cardiologist, who I have an appointment with on Friday the 24th. So I should know more then. The OB said everything is looking good and once we have the appointment with the pediatric cardiologist we’ll all know more about what the plan is going to be and that kind of stuff. My best friend from college, Joyce, lives in Holland. She’s actually going to be coming May 14-23 and I’m so excited! Although, she planned that when the Dr.’s were still planning on inducing me at 39 weeks (which would have been around May 18th). Now that I’m not sure if I’m going to be induced or not, I’m hoping I deliver somewhere in that time slot because I would hate for her to come all that way and not be able to meet Faith!! We’ll see what happens though and what the pediatric cardiologist wants to do. I think that’s about all I have to update on for now. I’ll definitely be writing more next week after the pediatric cardiology appointment. However, it probably won’t be until Saturday afternoon since we won’t get back from the Yankees vs. Red Sox game at Fenway until like 2am Saturday morning! lol.

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