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What a week!

January 26th, 2009 Nell Turgeon No comments

So, I think most of you know what’s going on already…but for those who don’t, here it is. We went to Portland on Friday to have another ultra sound and find out if there really was anything wrong with Baby Turgeon’s heart…and there is. She has AVCD…Complete Atrio Ventricular Canal Defect. Basically the wall that separates the left and right side of her heart didn’t completely develop and she has a hole there. And, the flaps that go between upper and lower left and upper and lower right…there’s supposed to be 4 and theres only 2. It is completely fixable with surgery, but still a little scary. The obstetrician sent us up to the pediatric cardiologist who explained everything to us from start to finish…including the risks (which really aren’t that bad). He is very knowledgable and really nice. The team of doctors at Maine Medical Center in Portland are really great….a lot of them have worked in places like Boston Children’s Hospital. But that’s basically it in a nutshell. We have 2 more appointments in Portland…one in 6 weeks and the other 6 weeks after that. Then, I’ll go in around 39 weeks and they’ll induce me. Matt and I are doing pretty well with everything I think. But definitely keep us in your prayers. =)

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The ultrasound and such =)

January 20th, 2009 Nell Turgeon No comments

Well, we had our ultra sound this morning and it was pretty neat. We still decided not to find out the gender, so any time the technician went down that far she told us to look away =). They even gave us a CD of pictures from the ultra sound to bring home with us. When we got home, I got a call from my Dr.’s office asking if we had time to come in today as my Dr. wanted to go over the ultra sound results with us. So we went in and the Dr. told us that there may or may not be an abnormality in the heart. Baby Turgeon was face down throughout the whole ultra sound, so it was difficult for the technician to get a good picture of all areas of the heart. So my Dr. is sending us to Portland where there is a good staff of doctors who are better equipped to find out if there really is an issue or not. If there is, then we’ll be going to Portland when it comes time to deliver so the doctors there can do what they need to. So Matt and I have an appointment there this coming Friday the 23rd. They’ll do another ultra sound to see if they can get a better picture and hopefully be able to tell us more information. Needless to say, it’s a little scary knowing there may be something wrong with Baby Turgeon. However, my Dr. said that usually something major would be obvious, and since it’s up in the air as to if something is wrong….it’s probably minor and fixable upon delivery if there is. So Matt and I would ask that you would just keep the 3 of us in your prayers. =)

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The big ultrasound scheduled!

January 15th, 2009 Nell Turgeon No comments

So we had our Dr.’s appointment last Friday. Everything is still looking just peachy. We have our appointment for our big ultra sound at Eastern Maine, it’s on the 20th…just a few days away! I noticed a little bump right above my hip bone the other day. I didn’t think much of it, but called the Dr anyways, just to see if he had any ideas. They had me come in so they could take a quick look at it, and he’s pretty sure it’s a hernia. But they were joking around about it because if I wasn’t so slender and healthy they said I probably wouldn’t have even noticed it…and it’s also in a weird place. The Dr said that it was nothing to worry about. Matt has felt Baby Turgeon move once =)

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halfway there!

January 6th, 2009 Nell Turgeon No comments

Sorry it’s been a few weeks since I’ve written here. So I’m in week 21 and feeling at least a little bit of movement every day. Pretty cool. Baby Turgeon is about 7 inches and almost 11 ounces now. We have a Dr.’s appointment on Friday, and I think we are making the appointment for the big ultra sound at Eastern Maine. So, that will be exciting. We’ve just started going through the baby name book that Matt got us for Christmas. Got a list started of names we like. Still debating whether or not we’ll tell people our ideas for names until we settle on one boy name and one girl name =). We are also now signed up for a prepared childbirth class that starts in March. Our guest room/baby room is a little crowded at the moment, so we’re working on figuring out where we’re going to put Baby Turgeon’s stuff when the time gets closer.

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